“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord. — Jeremiah 30:17
doctor checking little girl's heartbeat

Health is an essential aspect one must have access to. Healthcare services enable us to protect one of the most important gifts from God — our body. However, access to health care may become a struggle in some parts of the world, especially in areas immensely devastated by atrocious events. Thus, Touch of Grace conducts regular medical missions in less fortunate parts of the globe.

Sierra Leone is a developing country in Africa, which starves for fundamental human needs, such as education and health care. Millions of individuals suffer from health consequences due to the lack of adequate healthcare services. But, with the help of our donors and medical volunteers, we plan to carry out medical missions for Sierra Leoneans.

We are looking for individuals to engage in what we do. If you’re interested in helping the families of Yengema, you can fill out our form to become a volunteer.

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