“Let each of you look not only look to his own interests but also the interests of others.” — Philippians 2:4
hospital sign at building

For many years, Yengema has gone through multiple tragedies. From the Second World War to political conflicts, several establishments have been ruined stripping off the hopes of the Yengemans. Touch of Grace aims to bring back the smiles of the people of Yengema by building a hospital. We hope this new facility provides them with access to health care, which they need most.

We understand that to start their lives once again, Yengemans need to maintain their health. And this new hospital facility does not only provide them the access to health care, but it also creates jobs for them. With this project, we intend to plant the seeds of hope for the families and children of Yengema.

We are looking for individuals to engage in what we do. If you’re interested in helping the families of Yengema, you can fill out our form to become a volunteer.

For questions about our programs and campaigns, please send us a message here.