On our previous blog “Corona Virus and Giving Tuesday”, we wrote about the economic and social effects of COVID-19 on every individual, but main focus was drawn on the less privileged. We explained how it has affected a lot of families’ livelihood and also affected the health dimension. We talked about the need to help the needy and save the lives of millions of helpless families in this time of trouble.

With the help of you our sponsors and every other person that has donated to Touch of Grace Inc, we were able to organize a Covid19 Presentation and Education Seminar for the people of Yengema.

This seminar was purely to help the people of Yengema, Kono District stay safe from Corona Virus. We invited guest speakers to educate people on how to keep themselves
and everyone around them safe during the pandemic. Everyone who came through surely had one thing or the other to learn from the seminar. They were not only educated, but also reinforced with relevant equipment to keep them safe from Covid19.

Items like face masks, face shields, disinfectants, sanitizers, sanitizer dispensers and many more were shared to people present on the seminar.

We at Tough of Grace are very grateful to God and our sponsors for making the program a success. We cannot overemphasize how happy we are to see a smile on everyone’s
faces – we have helped them in the little way we can. All we can further pray for is God’s mercy.

Images from the events are in our gallery and are also posted below. 

With love from TOG, we say a very big thank you to you all….