Sierra Leone is rated very poorly in terms of health status and available healthcare. While it’s quite a regular thing to experience high infant and mortality rates in healthcare globally, most deaths within Sierra Leone are attributed to causes like nutritional deficiencies, lack of clean water, pneumonia, anemia, malaria, tuberculosis, and all sorts of diseases. Diseases like this exist in other countries too, but they have learned to quench the fire before it starts burning. The majority of these diseases are well preventable if there is the availability of modern technology and standard medical advances in the country.

The Dangerous Risk

On average, the life expectancy of individuals living in the Yengema, Kono district, Sierra Leone has decreased to 57.39 years. This drastic reduction is honed on the increasing occurrence of dangerous diseases in the country and poor healthcare conditions to tackle them. The research claimed if the situation continues this way for two years, the mortality rate is expected to spike up with more than 20% and average life expectancy to drop immensely.

Not to forget that the unflinching memory and scars of the outburst of Ebola virus in 2014, HIV/AID in 2016 and other deadly diseases which have evolved in the country would be minimal if we have adequate functioning healthcare condition.

Currently, there are 1,855 covid19 confirmed cases in Sierra Leone, with 67 deaths already. Meanwhile, there are very few healthcare centers to take care of the affected patients. The situation worsens daily, and we can only pray for a better chance.

Our Hope

The problem is obvious, so is the solution. We need more standard healthcare centers. The ones that are accessible to the less privileged. The ones that can save lives in times of pandemic and disease outbursts. The ones with equipped facilities and experienced medical personnel. The ones that are completely free/or nearly free for the patients.

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