The Touch Of Grace Story

Touch of Grace has the vision to continue helping the underserved through medical missions, building hospitals, and cultivating food for the communities we serve.

Touch of Grace is the brainchild of Alimatu Sangari-Sammarie. Alimatu started the organization on April 25, 2018. The township of Yengema, in the Kono District of Sierra Leone, motivates the launching of the Touch of Grace, Inc.

A war-ravaged Yengema was once the economic powerhouse of Sierra Leone. The township was the melting pot of people from different socio-cultural backgrounds who coexisted in harmony. The main attraction to the community was alluvial diamond mining.

Strangers were welcomed with a warm embrace by the indigenes. And as long as they stepped into the land, their lives became a success story. Yengema emerged to be a commercial hotspot, and many people did make it rich. In its hay days, Yengema slowly despised tribalism and regionalism that gave it a unique national character difficult to find in many parts of Sierra Leone, thus making the place suitable for human habitation.

It is also interesting to note that this small community in Sierra Leone has produced illustrious sons and daughters across the globe, doing very well academically and financially.

Yengema was one of the most affected places during the eleven years of civil war. The township was completely devastated and reduced to nothing by its enemies. To date, Yengema is still a shadow of its former self.

In spite of all, the people who hail from this community and have a love for the township continue to work hard by picking up the pieces to bring Yengema back to its former glory.

Touch of Grace, Inc. is an initiative to reach out and make a difference in the lives of people in Yengema. The Touch of Grace means stretching our helping hands wherever we are in diverse ways to make Yengema great once again.


Founder’s Bio Alimatu Sangari-Sammarie

Alimatu Sangari-Sammarie is the founder of Touch of Grace, Inc.. She was born in Yengema, Kono district, Sierra Leone and attended the Roman Catholic (RC) primary school, Yengema and, the Saint Anthony Primary School in Freetown. Alimatu is also an alumna of the Saint Joseph’s Convent in Freetown. She holds a Bachelor of Science in nursing (Bsn) from Towson University.

When it comes to purpose, Alimatu is a caring, compassionate, and dedicated health care professional with 22 years of experience working as a floor Nurse, Unit Manager, Nurse Supervisor, and Nurse Case Manager in Pediatrics, medical, surgical, Rehabilitation, Geriatric care, Home and Hospice Care. Alimatu’s professional affiliations include:

  • Member of Bethel medical Mission Team,
  • Sierra Leone Nurses Association of Northern America (SLNANA),
  • Window of Hope, a community organization.

Mother of four biological children, 3 adopted children and many Godchildren, Alimatu is passionate about helping people thrive and fulfill their own purpose in life.

THE GROWTH OF POST-WAR YENGEMA IS STILL AT A SNAIL PHASE and Touch Of Grace Wants to Help Accelerate the Development. Consider supporting the work today.

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