Numerous wars and atrocities devastated the town of Yengema in Sierra Leone. The town, which was once known as a commercial hub, now suffers from the consequences of human brutality. With our donors, volunteers, and faith in God, Touch of Grace aims to bring back Yengema to its old glory days. We hope to see Yengema and entire Sierra Leone savor the fruit of God’s helping hands, through the organization.

One step at a time, Touch of Grace initiates the rebuilding of Yengema through the following programs and campaigns:

What We Care For!

Building a Teaching Hospital

For many years, Yengema has gone through multiple tragedies. From the Second World War to political conflicts, several establishments have been ruined stripping off the hopes of the Yengemans. Touch of Grace aims to bring the smiles of the people of Yengema by building a hospital. We hope this new facility provides them with access to health care, which they need most.

Builing a Nursing School

To ensure that Yengemans continue to have access to health care, Touch of Grace initiates a program that allows aspiring nurses to realize their dreams. By building a nurse teaching school, we aim to uphold good health among Yengemans as well as continues health education in the community. We also hope to see the positive impact this project brings to the families of Yengema.

Bringing Medical Missions to Sierra Leone

Health is an essential aspect one must have to access to. Healthcare services enable us to protect one of the most important gifts from God – our body. However, access to health care may become a struggle in some parts of the world, especially in areas immensely devastated by atrocious events. Thus, Touch of Grace conducts regular medical missions in less fortunate parts of the globe.

Developing an Agro Business

Apart from mining, Sierra Leone’s economy heavily relies on agriculture. Food cultivation has employed the majority of Sierra Leoneans, where a huge portion goes for exports. Thus, building an agriculture business can save many of Sierra Leone’s people from hunger and poverty. Touch of Grace works with a network of donors, agencies, and other entities to realize this humanitarian project. Furthermore, we will guide them through the entire process. From starting their agro-business to stabilizing their financial statements, we will help them out every step of the way.

You can also take part in turning the lives of Yengemans into a flourishing one. Together, we can make them prosper once again.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.